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Hiša Anton - Bovec

Bovec is a Slovene and European outdoor destination of excellence

A little town, hidden in the green of the valley under the 2000-m high peaks of the Julian Alps, became in the 1980’s a gathering place for friends of rafting, kayaking, canyoning, hydrospeed, summer and winter climbing, paragliding, hiking, gliding, parachuting and recently zipline as well. Each year in the springtime, an adrenaline dance begins by the emerald Soča River, discretely watched by visitors who visit the magical river for the first time; most of all they seek peace and quiet, lonely pools, romantic views and the mysteries of nature. There will always be enough places for everybody.

Our house is hiding behind trees and bushes. The apartment for four persons is the most suitable for researchers and those who need more time to get to know this place. However, the rooms are also suitable for the quick ones; for those who might come down from the mountain passes on their motorbikes as well as for those who travel in order to get to know the treasures of nature in the area where the southern part of the Alpine world touches the northern Mediterranean.

We are here to offer you what we have. Our greatest wish is to remember every single guest of ours and our guests to have fond memories of us.